Hi, I’m Manikk. I’m from New Delhi, India. I’m a Dad to two naughty kids.

I’m the author of the book Embracing Technology with BPB. This is a technology book for non-technical people; it can help them become more tech-savvy by explaining the use of technology and the Internet in the world around. Using this all-in-one guide, readers can understand day-to-day usage of their PC, Mobile, and internet applications. This book does not require any prior knowledge and will be especially useful for parents, senior citizens, school and college students, and anyone who wants to becomes comfortable with day-to-day technology, devices and popular internet applications.

I’m a Techie at heart, and also a manager. I’ve played technical and leadership roles with companies like Fidelity Investments, Yahoo!, and Expedia amongst others. Over the last two decades, I have worked on a wide variety of software products for the Internet in the domains of Travel, E-commerce, Fraud Prevention, Digital Marketing, Voice over IP and Equity trading. In late 2019, I started my software products and services company, Atishrri Technologiess where I currently work as a Founder and Director. You can check out my detailed professional profile on my Linkedin, and contact me for business enquiries.

I’m also interested in Option Trading and am on a journey to learn, practice and get better at it.

I like music, poetry and I love to sing Karaoke. I sing with my stage name (Urdu: तख़ल्लुस) Rhyddhun on the StarMaker app. On my YouTube channel, you can expect to find some Cover songs by me and some other helpful videos. Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive regular content updates.

I like to write, but about no topic in particular, just my reflections on life as I’m experiencing it. I used to have a blog that got washed away, making another new beginning here.

I also love Simplifying things, Perfumery and Solo Travel.

Thanks for reading. Follow me on my Social channels (links under my picture) and say Hi, or Get in touch. Have a nice day!

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